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When choosing your Windows and Doors for your North London and Hertfordshire Home you must take in to consideration the style of your existing building. As this modern age in building pitches traditional against contemporary, some beautiful period structures are disregarded in the endless drive for ultra-modern and super sleek.

Foster and Co Windows and Doors prefer to work with existing architecture in order to emphasis and compliment original features whilst sensitively introducing current designs.

An article that was published in Camb Times on 19th September discuss a story which involves a mid-19th century Grade II Listed Building and how the current owning had to apply for planning permission to upgrade his Windows and Doors. The Property itself, was not in fact a Grade Listed Building and was instead build in the 1980’s however, as it was built of the rear of a Grade listed building, planning permission was required. Luckily for this client, all planning was approved as it bared no effect to the integrity of the building behind and the windows chosen were aesthetically stunning and sympathetic to the property surroundings.

At Foster and Co Windows and Doors, we love stories like this! The resulting finish was beautiful and combines key factors such as preservation as well as progress when concerning property development.

Foster and Co Windows and Doors are a specialist company which is dedicated to designing, supplying and installing top quality products. The Foster and Co Group have years in the construction industry and can therefor complete any structural work also. This would include making new openings, readjusting current openings and all the making good after the new products have been fitted.

For more information about the Foster and Co Group and how we can assist you in developing your property, please call 0208 441 3144.

Artificial Grass – Fake It With Style!

Fresh Colour, Low Maintenance And Stunning Finish! Why Not?

Cut No More is a top quality Artificial Grass company which services North London and Hertfordshire.

Our team often checks in on public opinion regarding Artificial Grass and whilst doing so came across a brilliant story which we wanted to share.

The interest in this story originates with the ongoing debate on whether Artificial Grass is actually better. Of course, we all know Artificial Grass is low maintenance and can save thousands on Landscapers and the required machinery over its life time although many dedicated Gardeners who truly enjoy managing their outside spaces are adamant that Artificial Grass is not the future. They say that it effects wildlife and does not offer a natural covering on what should be a natural space.

The Cut No More Team agree with this to a certain extent although can’t help thinking that there is such a large majority of Home Owners across the country who simply do not have this luxury. Families nowadays are over worked and often have more than one job. Actual quality family time is limited as it is so when we reach the weekend, who can afford to give up a whole day to labour in the garden? Maybe this is a hobby for some and is seen as a stress reliever for many although of course, you must have the time in the first place to enjoy doing this! Families are growing and are often made up of less traditional arrangements. Maybe Grandparents who would once would have had their home to their selves as they got older are now living with children and grandchildren instead!

The story that I have read this morning talks about an injured marine who after his service for his country is now unable to actively maintain his garden for his family. Of course many could argue that he could employ others to do this for him although why pay out money for others to come to your house regularly throughout the year for as long as you live in the property when there is no need?

Jason Burn from South Shields also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and his wife, Andrea has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Together, they were desperate for a space where they could still play with their children and generally use as somewhere to enjoy and relax in.

With the help of Royals Marines Charitable Trust Fund, various volunteers and a very generous Artificial Grass company, Jason’s outside space has been completely transformed and has given him a beautiful space for all his family to use.

This is exactly the type of client that would benefit hugely from Artificial Grass and although his story may be extreme, it highlights the strife of homeowners who simply don’t have the luxury of maintaining gardens but still want and deserve a stunning outside area!

Loft Conversions – Move Up Not Out!


A new phrase has been heard doing the rounds in Home Development…. Move up, not out! Loft Conversions are now the most common Home Development across London with the RICS (Royal Institute of Charter Surveyors) even stating it is the ‘rise of the people’s penthouse’

For such a busy and crowded city such as London, this is the best possible solution to find some extra space. Where a lot of properties may not have the exterior space on the ground level, there is usually unused areas to be found when going up in the attic and roof. This is the reason why Foster and Co Lofts are extremely busy and are converting lofts across North London and Hertfordshire with efficiency, provision and creativity.

Whilst traditional Loft Conversions mainly feature Mansard Roofs and Dormers where the roof simply is extended, a more modern take is to take the standard dormer and create amazing balconies with clever glazing options. Juliet balconies are also a strong feature amongst our many Loft Conversions. By using the dormer to its full capability and utilising the new room’s views, glazing and large openings can really bring an attic room to life. For people concerned that a Loft Conversion may be dark and dreary, think again! Today’s Loft Conversions are bright, airy and usually allow in endless streams of light. This is usually due to clever designs and brilliant use of windows and doors.

For more information about how to utilise every inch of space in your loft then click on the link for a brilliant article!

Foster and Co Lofts are a dynamic company that keep evolving with the changing times. The construction industry moves with the trends and as new designs come in to people’s homes, the ideas begin to spread across the country. Foster and Co will never complete a simple project that doesn’t bring any excitement or inspiration. Our experienced teams love nothing more than working on a truly stunning project where they can really use their skills to make a something special.

If you think Foster and Co lofts are the company for you, then contact us now to find out more!

Construction – How To Get the Most Out Of Your House

Our Stylish Extensions And Home Developments Will Inspire And Impress You

The Foster and Co Group are avid followers of great design. Your Build in North London or Hertfordshire should not only comply with planning regulations but also be designed in a beautiful and functional way. A great design for domestic development can turn your existing property in to something incredible, either using intelligent use of space to provide storage or brilliant features which can boost the financial value of your home. Whatever your reason is for taking on a Build in North London or Hertfordshire, good design should be a high priority.

An Article published in Luxury Homes and Property on 23rd September 2015 discusses a Notting Hill typical terraced property which has now doubled in value due to a brilliant Extension. This is mainly due to a great design which has accentuated every crevice and corner of the existing building and extended cleverly in the unused space. The extension uses double height where it can which give the illusion it is much bigger than it is. Double height ceilings also allow for clever glazing ideas to let in as much light as possible.

The Foster and Co Group are Construction Company that are able to work with our client in order to achieve the absolute most out of their build. Not only do we offer a budget matching service where we can submit design ideas which incorporate all your key features but within your budget but also we can assist on recommendations as the project evolves.

It is common knowledge in the building Industry that projects are subject to change whilst the building progresses. This is because drawings do not give the three dimension building full credit and often when a build begins to take shape, certain areas may need to be changed due to client preference or simple design aesthetics.

The Foster and Co Team are extremely experienced in high quality Builds in North London and Hertfordshire. We have perfected our talent at producing beautiful structures that have truly changed the home owner’s lives and we hope you too are inspired by our Projects.

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