Developments in North London and Hertfordshire


Be Brave! Developments in North London and Hertfordshire fight against financial uncertainty.


The summer has been a roaring success for The Foster and Co Group. Our developments in North London and Hertfordshire have been both beautifully executed and finished to a stunning standard. Check our gallery for our previous projects and keep an eye on our blogs for our new images soon to be uploaded!



It is uncertain times in the housing market as we all know. We have seen a rise in anxious attitudes towards home renovations although the clients who have bravely persevered with their creative plans, those are the clients who are praising their amazing developments in North London and Hertfordshire for giving them the home that they had always wanted and can now finally enjoy.

The difficult and unstable financial market due to the Brexit vote has shattered some people’s confidence in their property plans, of course, we understand this. However, The Foster and Co team feel that this is an ideal time to think about developing rather than selling and relocating.

Whilst researching into people’s concerns, I have discovered an article that I feel is extremely relevant and reassuring. Although not directly referencing developments in North London and Hertfordshire, it does discuss how the last recession in 2008 affected the housing market. It states that statistics show that people’s moving home hit an all-time low due to obvious concerns with exposure to a valuable market. Developing is a much safer way to improve your living conditions without putting yourself in a such a risky position.

For more information on this article and what you should consider, click the link below.

If your main aim in considering a change in your living circumstances is down to space for your family, then the Foster and Co team urge you to consider a development. A beautiful extension or a stunning Loft conversion can give your home a whole new lease of life and can create the space that you are desperately in need of. A transformation of your existing home can not only improve your living situation, but make you fall in love with your house all over again.

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