Artificial Grass – Fake It With Style!

Fresh Colour, Low Maintenance And Stunning Finish! Why Not?

Cut No More is a top quality Artificial Grass company which services North London and Hertfordshire.

Our team often checks in on public opinion regarding Artificial Grass and whilst doing so came across a brilliant story which we wanted to share.

The interest in this story originates with the ongoing debate on whether Artificial Grass is actually better. Of course, we all know Artificial Grass is low maintenance and can save thousands on Landscapers and the required machinery over its life time although many dedicated Gardeners who truly enjoy managing their outside spaces are adamant that Artificial Grass is not the future. They say that it effects wildlife and does not offer a natural covering on what should be a natural space.

The Cut No More Team agree with this to a certain extent although can’t help thinking that there is such a large majority of Home Owners across the country who simply do not have this luxury. Families nowadays are over worked and often have more than one job. Actual quality family time is limited as it is so when we reach the weekend, who can afford to give up a whole day to labour in the garden? Maybe this is a hobby for some and is seen as a stress reliever for many although of course, you must have the time in the first place to enjoy doing this! Families are growing and are often made up of less traditional arrangements. Maybe Grandparents who would once would have had their home to their selves as they got older are now living with children and grandchildren instead!

The story that I have read this morning talks about an injured marine who after his service for his country is now unable to actively maintain his garden for his family. Of course many could argue that he could employ others to do this for him although why pay out money for others to come to your house regularly throughout the year for as long as you live in the property when there is no need?

Jason Burn from South Shields also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and his wife, Andrea has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Together, they were desperate for a space where they could still play with their children and generally use as somewhere to enjoy and relax in.

With the help of Royals Marines Charitable Trust Fund, various volunteers and a very generous Artificial Grass company, Jason’s outside space has been completely transformed and has given him a beautiful space for all his family to use.

This is exactly the type of client that would benefit hugely from Artificial Grass and although his story may be extreme, it highlights the strife of homeowners who simply don’t have the luxury of maintaining gardens but still want and deserve a stunning outside area!

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