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When choosing your Windows and Doors for your North London and Hertfordshire Home you must take in to consideration the style of your existing building. As this modern age in building pitches traditional against contemporary, some beautiful period structures are disregarded in the endless drive for ultra-modern and super sleek.

Foster and Co Windows and Doors prefer to work with existing architecture in order to emphasis and compliment original features whilst sensitively introducing current designs.

An article that was published in Camb Times on 19th September discuss a story which involves a mid-19th century Grade II Listed Building and how the current owning had to apply for planning permission to upgrade his Windows and Doors. The Property itself, was not in fact a Grade Listed Building and was instead build in the 1980’s however, as it was built of the rear of a Grade listed building, planning permission was required. Luckily for this client, all planning was approved as it bared no effect to the integrity of the building behind and the windows chosen were aesthetically stunning and sympathetic to the property surroundings.

At Foster and Co Windows and Doors, we love stories like this! The resulting finish was beautiful and combines key factors such as preservation as well as progress when concerning property development.

Foster and Co Windows and Doors are a specialist company which is dedicated to designing, supplying and installing top quality products. The Foster and Co Group have years in the construction industry and can therefor complete any structural work also. This would include making new openings, readjusting current openings and all the making good after the new products have been fitted.

For more information about the Foster and Co Group and how we can assist you in developing your property, please call 0208 441 3144.